The Container Garden

Background: With limited space, limited water accessibility and limited time, apartment gardening can be a real challenge. Combine that with limited experience and a propensity to over water makes gardening a leisure time activity that many find hard to justify. This was the case when I attempted my garden last year. Since that time many lessons have been learned and a pressing desire to learn a relevant skill-set has over-whelmed the malaise of apartment living and given birth to the container garden that now lives on my porch.

Some of the highlights:

The bedroom hose: The most recent and most exciting addition to the garden has been the new hose. Previously watering cans were needed to lug water outside from the bathroom and then poured. Now, all I have to do is stick this baby out the window and instant water is mine. We’ve discussed putting a rain barrel outside to try to catch the small amount of rain that falls, but this has not yet taken shape. The hose also allows for easy clean ups and to spray away pesky birds that try to eat the fruits and veggies.

The self watering container: Based on the innovative EarthTainer self-watering design designed by Ray Newstead, I have constructed 10 self-watering containers to hold all the plants. Water is poured in through the white pipe and is held below the soil. Water is moved up into the soil as the plants drink and grow. In this way it is virtually impossible to over water your plants and always insure that a large supply of water is available.

The carrots – Marcus’ contribution, along with the excellent chairs to sit and enjoy the lovely flora.

First tomato flower of the season. We are growing 6 different types all in self watering containers. I’m experimenting with twine instead of cages on some of the plants to see if I can support them without the added bulk and expense.

Herbs: Going to be growing Stevia and cinnamon basil this year. Both have pretty flowers.

Pesto sauce is growing. Cinnamon pesto sauce, mmmm.

Marigolds are not only pretty, but keep away the dreaded aphids. This is the first little guy to pop up.

Not to sure what sort of produce the tomateo produces but I am excited to eat whatever it grows.

The other side: This is the other side of my hose. As you can see I’ve hooked it up to a 2 way water valve, so as to be able to brush my teeth and use the hose simultaneously. The hose is also good for spraying down the walls and cleaning up in the bathroom. Everyone should have a hose in their bedroom.

Overall, I think this is a very decent 2nd attempt at some container/apartment gardening.  If you have tips or tricks that you would like to share, please post.